Send us your favorite songs from then and why! Inspire us.

Prom? Sock Hop? Sport's Night? Acappella Choir? Chilling With Your Buds?

Send us a list of your 5 favorite songs from then with the WHY of it.

Was it a first love? Your first kiss? The first time you cut class to sit in a car with the radio blasting? Or maybe it was the song playing in the luncheonette or the pizza place? Coudl it have been one of our classmates strumming a guitar or a breakout song in the middle of the hallway---or the side or back lawn? Or perhaps it is a song that reminds you of the rebellious times we were a part of. Either way, getting ready for our 40th Reunion is a Musical Blast.

Ready, Set, B L A S T O F F !!!!

Songs always put us in a place of time and space to remember. Tell us about your favorites and the memories invoked and choose some from today.

It is always about THEN and NOW.