The Aztec

Customs, Architecture, Religon


The Aztec worshiped many gods. Such as Coatlicue an earth god. Also they worshiped Tlaloc a rain god and Huitzilopchtli a sun god. All of the gods have their own temple!
The priest led the Aztecs by praying and by music.The Aztec could worship at home too. They have a wooden alter that they could kneel down to worship their gods.The also killed over thousands of prisoners for religious reasons .They preformed elaborate ceremonies for the people that they sacrificed, or the ones they killed. That played a big part of their complex civilization .
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In the Aztec empire they built huge temples that had big pictures or paintings on the walls. And when I say huge I mean HUGE. They learned how to determine correct solar form the Maya . The priest kept exact records of the solar calendar.
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Ullamaliztli is a game that the Aztec people play . The use their head,knees, hip, and their shoulders. First they role a bean or a dice on a board that looks like a x. They pass around a rubber round ball .Farming, are sections of land that is called chinampas. The Aztec created island with pilling layers. The Aztec had very fertile land. Home life, woman spent most of their time cooking , weaving, and also looking after the house. When the Aztec woman weaved they we vey good at it because they stated at a young age.
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The Aztec's most worshiped god. Was meant to be a sun god . Huitzilopochtli a also meant for a war god ,or a god at war. Some representations of this special god are usually a humming bird and an eagle.


Another specialized god is the Chicomecoatl . Chicomecoatl is meant to be a god for the corn. This god is the most ancient god of the Aztec. Also the most important.

A common clothes for the Chicomecoatl god is a headdress and a pleaded fond.

Ancient Civilization

The Aztecs are a complex civilization ,because they worship many gods, they built huge temples, had sections of rich farm land to raise crops, and sacrificed over thousands of prisoners.


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