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What's Happening @ Your Library-August 2015

August Circulation Info☺

272 items circulated

1214 library time clock visitors

THANKS to Mr. Frazer, Ms. Frances, Ms. Pryor, Ms. Brestel, Ms. Ringgenberg, Ms. Pilgrim and Mr. Escamilla for visiting the library for orientation, book check out or lab use during the first week of school. ☺

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Laura Bush Foundation Grant Update

$7000 book order has been submitted to expand, update and diversify our current book and print collection. All items will be shelf ready upon arrival!☺

Noddletools is Being Purchased for School Wide Use. Ask Me About It!

Library Media Connection March/April 2013, p. 97 (M. Miller)
This website is now a total program for citing, organizing, and presenting research. Students can set up a works cited list, write and organize notecards and an outline, and jump from NoodleTools into Google docs so their work can be shared. Moving back and forth from one task to another is smooth and it is easy to link notecards to sources. Helpful tips and extra information allow students to become ethical researchers. The Starter level, designed for elementary age students, has the most support; it progressively lessens with Junior for middle school and Advanced for high school. To allow students to submit work, a teacher sets up an assignment drop box. Technical support is top-notch. The resource works well with an iPad. I have used it in my school for years, watched it grow and develop, and watched our students do the same. Definitely consider this tool for your school.