Figurative Language

By:Danielle Miller

Examples from The Hunger Games

Simile Definition

A comparison between two unlike things using the words like or as.

Simile Example

" Prim's face is as fresh as a raindrop" (Collins 3). This compares Prim's face to a raindrop.

Simile Example

" The pair last year ate everything with their hands like a couple of savages." (Collins 44). This compares how the pair last year ate everything to savages.

Simile Example

" But that's a dark and creaky thing that moves like a snail and smells of sour milk." (Collins 13). This compares the dar creaky thing to a snail.

Idiom Definition

A phrase that does not mean the literal meaning.

Idiom Example

"So I learned to hold my tongue" ( Collins 6). This does not mean to actually hold her tongue it means to stop talking.

Metaphor Definition

A metaphor is when you compare to unlike things without using like or as.

Metaphor Example

" We always wait to trade with him when his witch of a wife isn't around. (Collins 37). This is saying that his wife is a witch when she is actually just mean.
Oxymoron Song by Melissa