FDA Financial Services

By: Winner

The FDA Financial Services' Role

The FDA Financial Services program strives to help the community with financial aid and services that will upgrade each community's economic standing and help it strive

A Bank for Banks

The Federal Reserve Bank provides financial services to every type of depository institutions, such as banks, credit unions, savings, and loans. These reserve banks do the same as what banks do to their customers. We can loan money out to banks by methods such as checks, electronic transfers, distribution, and cash and credit.

Electronic Payments Services

The Federal Reserve assists you by providing electronic payment services. We offer the ACH, which is the automated clearninghouse service, the FED, and also wire transfer.


ACH, or Automated Clearing House Service, is an electrical payment for financial transactions commonly used in America. You may spend your money by electronic transactions such as vendors, insurance payments, social security payments, and many other things.

Check Collection

The check collection processes checks, drafts, and many other items throughout America. It manages checks and balances and will provide aid for banks because they will have a better transactions and will be able to have more business worked on to them.

A Bank for the Government

The FDA serves as a protection for the federal government by providing financial services to them. These can be obtained by selling and redeeming saving bonds, treasury bills, and much more. We perform several services for the treasury of the bank. We maintain accounts, process government checks, and also collect federal tax deposits.

Saving Bonds

Saving bonds are a contract that serves as evidence that a loan is to be made to the United States. These are to prevent bankruptcy and many other financial problems.