Life During the New Deal

By: Kayla Bledsoe

Roles that Women Played

Eleanor Roosevelt helped women and was important during her husband's presidency.

Frances Perkins was the first women to head an executive department.

Many women became leaders in government agencies during the New Deal.

Roles of African Americans

William Hastie was the first black federal judge.

The Black Cabinet was a team of black unofficial advisors in government.

FDR wanted to help African Americans but was unable to due to southern Democrats in congress.

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Artists During this Time

Dorothea Lange was a famous photographer of jobless or homeless people.

James Agee took photos of sharecroppers.

Walker Evans worked with Agee to depict life in poverty.

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Popularity of Movies

King Kong was about a large ape.

Modern Times put light on the harmful effects of industry.

The Grapes of Wrath depicted life during the great depression.

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Radio helped Americans stay in touch with politicians, especially the president, as well as help spread swing. The Town Crier was just one popular show.
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Jazz and Swing, a type of Jazz were very popular during this time. Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, and Count Basie were some of the famous performers of this music.
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Babe Ruth was a very popular baseball star. Joe Louis was a heavyweight lifter, who went against a German boxer during tense times between the United States and Germany.
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