Child Labor

In the Ivory Coast

What Is Child Labor?

Child Labor is when business use children to work for them illegally with no pay.

The kids work for a long time and from a very young age. Child Labor in the Ivory coast is boys getting the cocoa beans for the manufacturers of Hershey, Kraft,Mars, and Nestle.

What Is The Problem?

The problem is the workers are treating the boys like slaves. The boys are carrying hundred-pound bags of cocoa pods on their backs. The boys would constantly get beaten everyday. They say its a part of their life. The boys start working from very young ages and work from dawn to dusk. They have a hut to live in and a can for them to use the bathroom. The kids have several scars from the multiple everyday beating's.

What Is The Solution?

My solution to this problem is to stop having the kids working on these farms because they are getting beaten and not having a good life. The kids don't even get paid or have a good home. It would different if the kids were working there and didn't get beaten, had a good lifestyle and should also got paid because it's a job. The kids don't even get that, they are kids but a job is a job and they are doing this for multiple companies. Another solution would be for the kids to simply not even work for these companies because these kids are left with scars and bruises. The companies should have adults or other people that deserve the money and dedication for their hard work because people out in the Ivory Coast are poor and families need a way to eat, take care of their families and get around in this world.