Gang Violence Continues

The body of 16 year old, Andy Jones, was found lying in a back alley in The Bronx at 11:53 p.m. lat night. The body was found by girlfriend, Laura Walters. Jones' had multiple bruises across his body and a fresh gash across his abdomen from which he bled to death from.

"I knew he was in a gang, I just underestimated the harm that could come from them." says Walters.

Gang violence is a huge problem in The Bronx and Andy is just one of the hundreds of deaths caused by gangs.

A young man who chooses to remain anonymous claims to of seen Andy Jones last night sometime around 11:45 p.m.. He says that he saw Andy lying on the ground groaning. He was clearly hurt but he decided not to call anyone when he found that he was in a gang.

"My girlfriend and I decided not to call for help in fear of other gangs finding us. We didn't want to get involved with any kind of gang related drama. If he wasn't part of a gang, then I definitely would of helped him.

Police conclude by saying that gang violence is a big issue all around the world. However, it is one of those things that anyone has little to no control over.

Officer Brad Reynolds says, "Gang Violence was always a problem in the past, and it is still a problem today. We are trying to stop it but most likely, it will still be a problem in the future."