History of the roaring 20

Was a time of economic boom period

Had a positive effect on the daily lives of many Americans new tech and new appliances that improve people's lives. However some such as sharecroppers and farmers and underpaid factory workers were not able to enjoy this standard of living
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1920's toaster
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Bessie smith

A famous singer during the Harlem Renaissance
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A complete ban on alcohol. Some effects of prohibition were bootleggers,speakeasy,and wood alcohol
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Was influenced by African Americans musical tradition

The 19th amendment

Gave women a right to vote and help fill in for men at home and work
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Harlem Renaissance

African Americans wanted to speak the experiences bad or good parts

Produce art,music,and a culture

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The radio

Invented by Guglielmo Marconi
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Mass media and the radio

Mass media helped business by people talking about it and ads the radio created common

American cultures like baseball games listening to it on the radio and talk shows like the kfvd and music