The Quartering Act

The Colonists Point of View

What is the Quartering Act?

The Quartering Act is a law that required colonists to house British soldiers. It came to be in the year of 1765. Which is where the colonists had to give up food, areas in the house, soap, etc and give it to these soldiers.The colonists thought that it was not fair to them to have soldiers come in and take all of their stuff. This act was passsed against the word of the colonists.

What did the colonists think of this new Act?

The colonists thought that by putting soldiers in there homes, the parliament was taking away their freedom and rights. Many colonists refused to house soldiers, threaten to kill either the soldiers or the king, and many would let the soldiers come in ,but then kill them. The only reason some of the colonists where okay with these soldiers living with them is that the soldiers would give them protection from the French. But the colonists did not consider the french as a threat and did not like the fact that they had to pay for the British protection.


What Led to the Quartering act?

Some of the British officials who had fought in the French and Indian War found it hard to persuade colonial assemblies to pay for quartering of their troops. A leader of the troops asked parliament to do something about it. So they then started the Quartering Act which in the colonists point of view, they thought it took away part of their peace.


*key ideas*

Loyalists: Are Americans who supported the British.

Patriots: Are Americans who sided with the rebels.


My reaction to the quartering act is that it was not fair to the colonists to give up there daily life to take care of these needy soldiers. I feel these soldiers must have taken advantage of the colonists because all the food, drinks, hygiene items, and house hold area that the colonists where giving them was free. Also because these people where forced to give these things up. These soldiers only had to fight and give maybe half of there day up and yet these colonists had to work even harder then they would normally because now they have a plus one in their house. Many of these colonists had little money to begin with, most of them had a hard time just paying for there family let alone someone who just takes advantage of them. The colonists should have a say in the decisions that the parliament makes because it doesn't just effect the soldiers and parliament leaders, most of the time it also effects the colonists the most and that seems to be the people who get the least say on what goes on.
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Boston Massacre: Was an incident in 1770 in which British troops fired on and killed American colonists.

Parliament: Is the highest legislature, consisting of the sovereign, the House of Lords, and the House of Commons.

Persuade: Is when you cause someone to do something through argument or reasoning.