This Week in First Grade

This Week

We had a great second week. We are still practicing our routines and reviewing things we learned in Kindergarten. I am very impressed with how much they remember!

Tuesday: Picture Day

Thursday: Early Release and Feather & Fin Night 5pm-8pm


Tomorrow your child will be coming home with sight words and nonsense words to practice. Read these with your child every night.

Nonsense words are parts of whole words. Many words we use have chunks of words in them. For example, if you are reading the word picnic you are reading “pic” and “nic”. In early childhood words are easier for sure, but teaching of these words early on will help kids to decode larger words as they advance in the reading process. Nonsense words help build confidence with decoding. Practicing short silly words and being able to do so successfully is a feeling of accomplishment for our little learners. By being able to read real and nonsense words, they are really able to decode anything (even big dinosaur words.)

Please read with your child every night. If your gets stuck on a word it is okay for them to sound it out. However, the goal in first grade is for a child to look at a word and read it with automaticity (automatically) and fluently (quickly). Make sure they are reading words with the short vowel sound.

STEM Bridges

We have been doing Science projects every Friday afternoon. This week each student had materials to build a bridge. Then they worked with a partner and then with a group. It was fun to hear all of their ideas and nice to see how they all worked together!

We are lucky enough to have a STEM Lab this year! Ms. Nicki is working on getting our projects ready and we will be able to go a few times a week to learn and explore.

Reading Centers

We have started learning our reading centers. We have used iPads, wrote words and worked with me. Last week we learned about Read to Self. Students learned how to pick "Good Fit Books" and put them in their book boxes. We learned that for read to self we have to read quietly, stay in one spot and keep our eyes on our book. We practiced and I timed us to graph how long we can do read. We read for 2 minutes on Friday! Practice this at home!