The Hobbit

Should be Part of The 10th Grade Curriculum.

The Hobbit is a book by the famous author J.R.R. Tolkien. Tolkien studied and was a professor at Oxford University and was in a writers club with the famous C.S. Lewis. He was an expert english author and faught valiently in the first world war. Tolkien then wrote a book called the Hobbit. This novel is about a creature called a hobbit. Hobbits are creatures that dont like to do anything out of the ordinary. They like to drink wine and tend to their gardens. One day this Hobbit named Bilbo gets invited on a journey to help these dwarfs reclaim their treasure and slay a dragon. Bilbo would never have usually gone on this type of thing, but a strange adventures side of him accepted it. He later was very glad he took a chance and got out of his comfort zone and did this quest. Bilbo met some very interesting people like Lothlorian, a wood elf. Bilbo found that he was actually quite good at sneaking around and stealing things. Bilbo found a whole new side of himself on this journey and became rich in the process. This is something that every kid in the world should do. Kid's currently stay in their mundane lifes of going to school and playing Xbox. If kids would read this book, they would understand that you need to get out and try new things. Bilbo is an example that if you would just get out of your comfort zone you will find a new side of yourself that you may like. That is why this book should be part of the tenth grade curriculum.
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