Jennifer Evanowski

February 2016 Student Portfolio

English 6

The students read a challenging historical novel, set in Beijing during the time of Kublai Khan, and wrote synopses of each chapter. They have begun a longer-term project of composing and performing an original puppet show based in traditional folklore. Jennifer likes to work hard; I think her modesty and politeness keep her from showing off just how much she likes school. It is when she is toiling away and asking me to look at her progress that I see how conscientious and engaged she is. She adds original ideas to discussions and enjoys working with and helping out her classmates. I really look forward to seeing her every day.
Jennifer english

Math 6

We are learning division and volume in this class. At times it takes her awhile to process, but once she gets it, she enjoys doing the work.

Social Studies

This unit's focus was ancient China: its history, culture, philosophies, and arts. Two arts the students tried their hands at were traditional puppet-making and calligraphy. The class is proud to have a foundation in the geography of China and all of its neighbors. Jennifer took great care in creating her yin-yang and took a lively part in discussing its meaning and various interpretations. Foreign cultures interest her; she is observant and perceptive and enjoys topics that involve figuring out why people do what they do.
Jennifer soc stud

Science 6

In this class we are learning about human cell, organelles, and the human body. She learns by doing hands on activity in this class. She is good at observing things and thinks out the box to do any activity.

Genius Hour

We have been spending our time preparing for the Odyssey of the Mind Regional Tournament on February 27, 2016 in Riviera Beach. Jennifer has been practicing her problem solving skills in preparation for the tournament.
Genius hour 1

Science Arts Integration

In Science Arts Integration we are addressing their Science lesson plans covering the makeup of the human cell. Each student chose a specific organelle that is contained within the cell as their topic. Their job was to create a cartoon character of that organelle, using the formal elements of art-line, shape, and color to represent it's appearance and function. Jennifer did a great job creating her organelle character, Mighty Melissa Mitochondrion. Her design is very effective in relating the function of the object and works well with all of the other characters inside the cell.

Jennifer's Update

Total Documented Community Service Hours: 14

Jennifer currently has logged:
2 absence for English class (1st period)
1 absence Math class (period 2)
1 absence for Science class (period 3)