Entertainments on the Titanic

Artemio Gonzalez

What did passengers do in their pastime on the Titanic?

A major pastime on the titanic was admiring the ocean view. The ship workers had worked on enhancing a enclosed promenade deck, which allowed the passengers to walk in terrible weather.The area also included wooden folding chairs to relax on and socialize. For the first class passengers that wanted to do something physical they set up exercise facilities on board. In the facilities there was a squash court in which you payed to play for 50 cents, also there was a net for tennis. There were trainers on board that could teach you or train you to get better at activities like weight training, boxing, and swimming. For the people that enjoyed to smoke they made an area where you could smoke and play games like chess, poker, and horseshoe.

For the second class passengers they were provided with deck games such as shuffle board and ring toss, and board games like chess and backgammon. The nicest thing second class had was their library, which not only was used to read but also socialize. One of the second class survivors named Lawrence Beesley who said the library was her favorite thing on board and described the library as,"I can look back and see every detail...the beautifully furnished room, with lounges, armchairs, and small writing or card tables scattered around."

The third class passengers were left to find their own amusements, many played their own instruments like bagpipes and violins. Many of them played board games and the kids would jump rope all over the place. But almost everyone enjoyed spending time on deck.

What did kids enjoy doing on the Titanic?

Just as there were many adults on board there were also many kids. Kids spent their time exploring and playing games around the ship. They played games like jump rope, tag, and hide and seek. Also, there were many kids that hung out around their parents and played games like chess, horseshoe, and backgammon.