African Buffalo

save the Buffalo

The Main Reason

Buffalo are helpful to tribes,they feed the people and in the winter they use the skin to keep them worm for the rest of the winter.That is one of the reasons that the Buffalo need to live.Some people use there horns for blow horns


  1. The Buffalo are grayish blackish they live to the age of 15-25
  2. Buffalo always seek shade
  3. There main threat is a lions

Top 10 facts about Buffalo

  1. Buffalo travel in herds of 1,000
  2. Also Buffalo play with one another a lot
  3. There biggest threat is a lion
  4. The only food they have is grass
  5. Over 20,000 Buffalo die each year
  6. Buffalo always need shade
  7. Buffalo don't go 15km away from water
  8. sharp horns
  9. Buffalo live up to 15-25

How to stop people for killing Buffalo

  1. Stop hunters for killing Buffalo
  2. Have charities support all of the Buffalo in Africa
  3. Let all the Buffalo out of the zoo


I came across a Buffalo

On the way to school

His head was very pretty

And his tail was very ugly

I hid him in my desk

So that teacher would not see

He stayed there very quietly

Until frightened by a bee