Weapons of the civil war

The one weapon that "Shifted" the civil war.

Of course we all know that the civil war started in 1861 and it ended in 1865. We as americans fought the bloodiest war in american history. During the war weapons became some what better. While the men were fighting on the battlefield the women and children were working in the factories making "The bullet that shifted the civil war." This war shifting bullet was known as the minie ball. It was "A conical bullet with three exterior grease-filled grooves and a conical hollow in its base. The bullet was designed by Minié with a small iron plug and a lead skirting. Its intended purpose was to expand under the pressure and obturate the barrel and increase muzzle velocity."

A most commonly used "Small arm" of the civil war.

During the civil war the weapons were.... Well they were not that bad,but they could have been a heck of a lot better. One of the most commonly used weapons by the north and the south were small hand guns. They did not fire far,but they could shoot".The Starr Arms Company of Yonkers, New York made their Starr Army revolver in both double and single action models. With a single action, the soldier had to manually cock the hammer each time. Double action arms automatically turn the cylinder, cock and release the hammer when the trigger is pulled. Double action revolvers were more advanced, more expensive, and more rare than single action arms (Photograph by Charles G. Worman)"