A Film Review


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NAME: Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone.

TYPE: Fantasy film.

STORY: A boy who goes to hogwarts, a magic school and saves has the philosopher's stone from voldemort's hands.

CHARACTERS: Harry Potter-Hermione Granger-Ronald Wesley-Lord Voldemort.

ACTORS: Daniel Radcliffe-Emma Watson-Rupert Grint-Ralph Fiennes.

DIRECTOR: Chris Columbus.

MUSIC: John Williams.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Official Trailer 1 [2001]
Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone is a fantasy film.

It's about a boy who loses his parents because a powerful wizard kills them, and he lives with his uncle and cousin.He delivers the philosopher's stone before it reaches the hands of voldemort(the wizard who killed his parents).

There is a lot of adventure.

Daniel Radcliffe plays Harry Potter, Emma Watson plays Hermione Granger, Rupert Grint plays Ronald Weasley, and Ralph Fiennes plays Lord Voldemort.

The film was directed by Chris Columbus.

The music was played by John Williams.

The story was interesting and exciting.

The actors played the roles very well.

The costumes were beautiful.

The special effects were amazing.

The music was exciting.

The ending was surprising.

I recomend this film because it is so interesting...I love it!