Why Should YOU Become A Stylist?

I know you think I'm crazy...but keep reading!

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Now that I've got your attention (hello, extra monthly income!!)...

Chances are I've met you at a trunk show, through networking or via mutual friends. The commonality here is that I only invite women I adore and want as business partners. This is NOT an open invitation to everyone on my contacts list; it goes to a very select group, so please know how fabulous I think you are!!

My Story

So what's my story? I was writing a fashion blog, and was contacted about doing a give-away by a S&D stylist. I asked her to call me and she did, during which time she inquired about my 610 area code. "Oh, that's my number from living in PA, but I currently live in Ashburn, VA"...after a few seconds of silence, she said "Really? I live in Leesburg, VA!"...15 minutes away!

We met for coffee and I became smitten with the jewelry (I had never seen it in person) and the opportunity to supplement my income. BUT, I'm a wife and mom to a very active kid, and I traveled 2-3 weeks a month for a living, plus blogged and had an interactive website. How was I possibly going to fit this in to my busy schedule? I started out with the idea that I would do this very part time, 1 trunk show a month, to earn some "fun money", but after my first two shows I realized I had made $150+/hour for HAVING FUN, DRINKING WINE, AND SHARING THE STYLE!! I was HOOKED!!

4 years later I can't imagine my life without this crazy-amazing adventure I get to be on every day with fabulous women like you! Whether you are a stay at home mom looking to supplement your household income, have a full-time career but would like to meet more people, earn extra money and have fun doing it, or you want to build a substantial six-figure income, S&D offers an opportunity that works for ALL women. And I'd love to help you see if this opportunity is right for you!!

*Who is Stella & Dot?!?*

Our Story | 2015

*Join the REVOLUTION!*

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Stella & Dot: Life as a Stylist

How Does This Work??

As a Stylist, you share GORGEOUS accessories and offer the ultimate personal styling experience at trunk shows, online, or on the go! No need to have a sales background or be a "Crazy Jewelry Lady"!! It's simply sharing the joy, one sparkly piece at a time!!

*What has that "little blue card" done for stylists?*

Stylist Commission: Little Blue Card Buys | Stella & Dot
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Still Curious?

Why not sign up NOW? So many reasons why April is THE month to get started: a new summer line and a stellar sign-up special, plus it's a huge shopping month....it's the PERFECT time to start! Not to mention...YOU CAN EARN A TRIP! How does Jamaica next spring sound?!?
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Hmm...not quite sure yet? Well continue reading!

First, contact me! I'm happy to answer any and all questions!

And here are some other things you can do:

1. Listen to our recent Webinar about becoming a Stylist! http://bit.ly/1GQntcZ

2. Write down any/all questions you have, then let's set up a time to chat!

3. Visit my website for answers to FAQ's: www.stelladot.com/stylist

I'm in! How do I get started?

*GET EXCITED!* You are starting a fabulous adventure!

1. Determine who would host your first 4 shows (friends, neighbors, co-workers, you, etc!) Not to worry, my goal is to help you get OUT of your friends & family circle ASAP!!

2. Reach out and let them know what you are doing and how excited you are! They'll earn free jewels just for hosting a fun 2-hours with their friends!!

3. Get dates on the books! :)

4. SIGN UP! Go to my website (www.stelladot.com/barbaraellis) and click on "Become a Stylist" in the top nav bar! (if you need it, my stylist ID is 119004)

5. Choose your samples...of course I can help you with that, too!

Check out our newest collection...who WOULDN'T want to host a show with YOU as the stylist?!?!?

Summer 2015 Collection
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Love S&D but it's a "no" for now?

I LOVE Referrals!

If you know of someone who loves jewelry, or would be good at doing what I do, I hope you introduce us! I reward referrals with something sparkly when they sign up on my team!!

*barbara ellis* stylist, associate director | mentor | coach

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