Registered Nurse

Career Details

Registered nurses provide and coordinate patient care, they educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members. The annual amount a RN would make is about $64,690. Some of the areas where nurses are likely to work are general medical and surgical hospitals, both private and local, physicians offices, home health care services and nursing care facilities. Some nurses will be on rotatinig shifts, or if they work at a physicians office, they work regular business hours.

Education Needed

Nurses usually take one of three education paths:

  • bachelor's of science in nurssing (BSN)
  • associate's in nursing (ADN)
  • diploma from an approved nursing program.
  • they must also be licensed
  • management-level nurses require a graduate degree in nursing or health services administration.

Skills Required

  • critical-thinking skills
  • compassion
  • detail oriented
  • emotional stability
  • organizational skills
  • patience
  • speaking skills

Job Outlook/Growth

By 2020 it is said that nursing will grow by 26%.

Advancement Opportunities or Related Jobs

Most nurses begin as staff nurses in hospitals or community health settings. With good performance and further education they can easily advance.

  • in management, nurses can advance to assistant unit manager or head nurse and then to assistant director, director, vice president or chief of nursing
  • RN (registered nurse) -> APRN (advanced practice registered nurse; work independently or in collaboration)