Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School

GT Report: 2013-2014

Our Mission Statement:

Develop respectful, responsible learners through a rigorous curriculum in a caring, diverse community.


6th grade: 373 students

7th grade: 373 students

8th grade: 363 students

Total enrollment: 1,109 students

2013-2014 GT numbers:

6th grade: 132 students

7th grade: 79 students

8th grade: 88 students

GT Assessment Data: '13-'14

Iowa Testing Data (ITP)

READING: Number of students > 95%ile

6th grade: 48

7th grade: 48

8th grade: 64

MATH: Number of students > 95%ile

6th grade: 50

7th grade: 56

8th grade: 64

SCIENCE: Number of students > 95%ile

6th grade: 25

7th grade: 26

8th grade: 43

MAP data obtained from NWEA

READING: Number of students > 95%ile

6th grade: 17

7th grade: 16

8th grade: 16

MATH: Number of students > 95%ile

6th grade: 22

7th grade: 30

8th grade: 21

SCIENCE: Number of students > 95%ile

6th grade: 16

7th grade: 35

8th grade: 18

GT Opportunities during the 2013-2014 School Year


Most Advanced Mathematician (MAM)

6th grade (Pre-Algebra): 19

  • 15/19 met targeted growth
7th grade (Algebra): 19

  • 16/19 met targeted growth

8th grade (Honors Geometry): 12
  • 12/12 met targeted growth

Math Counts Competition

12 ERMS students competed in the Math Counts competition on Feb. 15. Tessa K. finished 1st & Joyce S. finished 4th out of almost 80 middle school students from area schools! The team of Tessa K., Joyce S., Marcy A., and Casey N., finished 2nd, and will be competing at the state competition
on March 21 in Des Moines!

Wahlert Math Competition

Update coming!

Girls in Engineering

(Pic below) You are looking at the smiling faces of seven, future female engineers!

The day's events focused on team collaboration, designing and a little friendly competition.

Danielle, Aliana, Brady, CeCe, Molly, Sophie R, Sophie T, and Caitlin, (along with coach, Mrs. Duve, not pictured) had a great day learning and experiencing what engineering is all about!



28 students completed and submitted their Mission Folders.

Ava B., Jenna W., Aiva M., and Olivia F. have been dedicated to their eCybermission project in Mr. Dolan's room for the past couple of months!!!

They are getting ready to submit their final Mission Folder, which will be critiqued by eCyber Judges.

The girls were gracious enough to share a video clip of their work with us!!!

eCyber Mission Dame's Rocket Experiment

Triple AAA

The Triple AAA Club is continuing to use the Tzec Maun Telescope in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. This is similar to the MicroObservatory program, but the students must do this program at night. They have many more objects that
they look at using The Sky software by Software Bisque. Their images are usually available in 3 to 5 minutes for analysis.

First Lego League (FLL)

Teams are judged in three areas: Robot Game, Project, and FLL Core Values. Robot Game: LEGO MINDSTORMS robots are programmed to autonomously perform tasks related to the year’s theme, Nature’s Fury. Project: Teams research a problem that happens when a natural disaster occurs and create a solution to help people prepare, stay safe, or rebuild. FLL Core Values: Teams have learned many values throughout the season and display them throughout the competition. Participants are focused on friendly competition, making discoveries, and practicing gracious professionalism.


ERMS had two teams in the FLL competition.

Team 1: Raging Raptors

Team 2: LEGO Legends

Each team consisted of 10 students (total of 20 students competed)

Both teams advanced on to the State FLL Competition in Ames, Iowa in January, 2014.

Code Word: STEM

(Fall): Students learned about basic coding and game design, work at stations using Mindstorm Robotics, 2D and 3D animation and gaming software, 3D modeling and printing, augmented reality, and make connections with students from around the area with similar interests.

(Spring): Students will showcase projects they have created using what they learned the first day and learn more about stem-related careers.

Mrs. Rigdon took 10 students in the Fall, and the same 10 students will attend in the Spring.


Young Citizens Forum (YCF)

Coach Wellik & Coach Hilby took 25 students to participate in the Young Citizen's Forum Summit in February. This event was held the NICC dowtown campus.

  • Local Topic: Pet parks in Dubuque, Iowa
  • National Topic: Legalization of marijuana
  • International Topic: Human trafficking

pic: Emma H. (6th grader from ERMS) talks about pet parks in DBQ.

National Geographic Bee

Each year thousands of schools in the United States participate in the National Geographic Bee using materials prepared by the National Geographic Society. The contest is designed to encourage teachers to include geography in their classrooms, spark student interest in the subject, and increase public awareness about geography.

Building Competition:

  • 10 students competed in the ERMS Geography Bee
  • 1 student was named our School Bee Champ.
  • This student took the grueling Geography pencil/paper exam to advance on.
  • We just found out that he QUALIFIED for the STATE LEVEL competition on April 4, 2014!!!!!!!


Battle of the Books

Coach Ehlers (pic below) has been working with 52 students to get them ready for the Battle! Results from the Battle of the Books will be coming soon!

Building Competition: April 7, 2014

District Competition: May 12, 2014

Spelling Bee

Building Competition:

  • 49 students competed
  • 6 students advanced to the Regional Spelling Bee at Clarke University

Regional Spelling Bee:

  • 5 students advanced to the Sectional Spelling Bee at Clarke University

Young Writers' Conference

The following students were nominated by their Language Arts teacher to attend this highly selective conference! The number of students we can take is limited, so to be nominated is quite an honor!!!!

6th grade: Olivia F., Sharik K., Carlen K., Cooper M., and Emily Z.

7th grade: Anna B., Adi C., Emma D., Courtney K., Eliza L., Trever M., Isabel P., and Sage S.

8th grade: Tasnia K., Kirsten L., Deidre P., Rachel B., and Savannah R.


Iowa Junior Honors Orchestra

Loras College Honor Band

13 students
ERMS Band Marching in Labor Day Parade

Northeast Iowa Bandmasters Association Honor Band

6 students

Northeast Iowa String Teachers Association Invitational Honors Orchestra

10 students: Dottie A., Adi C., Kellie C., Haejin H., Maria J., Isaac J., Amanda K., Casey N., Valerie R., & Brinda S.

Fine Arts Mentorship Experience (FAME)

The mission of the FAME program at ERMS has been and remains to educate students about and hone their talents and skills in the managerial, technical, and performing aspects of the theatre arts.

This year's musical: Shakespeare Comes to Calamity Creek.

  • Performances: May 1st -- May 4th

Pictures and cast updates will be added soon!