Eat Raw Meat And It'll Hurt To Take A Seat


This bacteria hides in ALL your raw meats and raw milk. If you eat any sort of raw or undercooked meat you have a chance to get this nasty bacteria. To outsmart this bacteria search up the temperature for whatever meat you are cooking and make sure the milk you get is pasteurized. And always remember to keep your food out of the "Danger Zone" which is 40-140 degrees. There is one more thing you have to be careful of which is cross contamination, never use anything raw meat touched.
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How to Prevent any FBI

I know I only talked about campylobacter, but there are many more kinds of foodborne illness. Here are some tips to prevent most of them. The first tip is to always wash your hands when you start to cook. The second tip is to make sure to keep your meats out of the danger zone. The third tip is to make sure never to use the same knife, plate, cutting board, that raw meat touched. The fourth tip is to make sure that you put your leftovers in the freezer within two hours of them sitting out. My last tip is too make sure you always wash your fruit and vegetables before cutting or eating them.