Sex Trafficking

Violation of Human Rights

How does this affects young women and what really happens to young girls?

Sex trafficking violates women's right to life, liberty and security of the person, article # 6 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.There is about 20,000,000-30,000,000 slaves in the world today, according to .The cost of a slave is $90. Eighty percent of trafficking includes sexual abuse and nineteen percent involves work abuse. There is about 20,000,000-30,000,000 slaves in the world today, according to . Human trafficking is the third largest international crime. 5.5 million (from 20.9 million victims of sex trafficking) are children.

Organizations and ways to help

The following organizations help with sex trafficking; Trafficking Policy and Advocacy:Polaris project,The Polaris project takes more approach to ending sex trafficking.The organization fights for stronger federal and state laws. Second-Generation Trafficking: Prajwala Second-Generation Trafficking: Prajwala rescues women from brothels and gives them education, mental health care, and job programs. It provides education, intervention, and support.and Statelessness and Child Trafficking: COSA. COSA works straight within trafficking communities to give trafficked girls health care, social services, and housing in the Baan Yuu Suk shelter.

Real Life Story

There is this girl her name is Sita. She is twenty years old. She has been taken away from her village in Sindhupalchok. She was sold to a brothel owner, beaten over and over. She had been raped by hundreds of men that were infected with HIV. Ways you could get involved is by learning the red flags that may show human trafficking and ask follow up questions so you can help recognize a potential trafficking victim.

Polaris Project

The polaris project helps to prevent human trafficking and teach us what is really going on when young girls are being trafficked.