Cancino's Auto Body Shop

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located at 1560 drive, San Jose, C.A 95112

Custom Paint Job's

We also offer any and all custom paint job's. (cost varies for any custom paint job). Well detailed and quality work is guaranteed.


20 years of auto body repair and refinishing experience


Degree in business


All workers are certified ( each differ depending on their job) in order to guarantee high quality work

Well experienced workers with 10 years or more of experience


As soon as i walked in and being happily greeted coming in the front the door, was a good sign coming in for the first time. Overall their customers service was great,and best of all the work done to my car- was amazing!!


Being happily attended walking in the front door and all my problems being answered was a nice experience. Thinking it was to good to be true! I was later surprised on how well the repair was and how fast they work.i highly recommend Cancino's auto body if you are looking for good customers service and great quality work.