now is the time

to fuel your business and load up your little blue card

3 simple steps to focus on this week

If you can maximize the next 3 weeks, you can see your business gain the momentum it needs to have a strong spring AND plant seeds now for summer bookings.

Take one hour this week to:

REACH OUT TO POTENTIAL STYLISTS. Meet for coffee or a glass of wine - chat over the phone and tell them that you think they would be a great Stylist and love the flexibility of this opportunity.

BOOK IN TIGHT: Remember, we are not planning a wedding! You can absolutely book a trunk show within 7-10 days (if not closer). Tap into the PRE-Mothers Day gift giving needs/PRE-Prom needs with mother/daughter trunk shows/PRE-Graduation gift giving options/PRE-Summer get-away needs. These next 3 weeks can be huge if you pick up the phone this weekend and make connections. This will set you up to finish April strong while front loading your May calendar - a win/win for sure!

HOSTESS COACH: Call your hostess and get her excited for her trunk show! Offer a little incentive to her - if 10+ friends make the party, she gets to choose a pair of soiree studs or how about a mini candle if she gets 3 outside orders before or after her trunk show? What about offering her a Bring it Tote with 5 pieces that she can bring to work before (or after) her trunk show to drum up some orders. Remember, her trunk show is "open" on-line for 3 weeks post trunk show - keep it alive even after the trunk show takes place.


Time Management Tips

Busy with life? Other job? Mommy-hood? I recently had a great convo about time mgmt w/ a stylist where we broke down how to spend 2-5 FOCUSED hours a week on your S&D business to earn $1k+ a month.

Sometimes we FEEL like we spend a lot of time on our business because

we're "thinking" about it all the time. Less thinking, more doing. We ALL have the same 24 hours in a day and choose how to spend our time. My hope is that for all Brand Ambassadors, this 2-5 hr a week breakdown will be helpful in your time mgmt. Please reach out to me at anytime to set up a coaching call- I'm happy to help create a specific plan for you to help you reach YOUR goals.

Here's the breakdown

***If you have no trunk shows on your calendar that week***:

1. Watch the Buzz every Tues (5 mins)

2. Listen to "Tips from the Top" training call every Tues at 10a pacific

(calls are archived each week in SDU- listen to recording Tues night/Wed am if you can't make live, but listen EVERY week- #1 training call of week) (30 mins)

3. 1 hour Booking Blitz (with a pacing partner, your sponsor, upline, regional blitz) This is 1 hour of DEDICATED time to reach out to 20 people about booking EVERY week- once you have regular trunk shows, you can sharpen the skill of booking at shows and not have to blitz anymore, but UNTIL your calendar is where you want it, it's VITAL to spend 1 HOUR A WEEK on focused booking. Follow 3 steps of booking in "Stylist Guide to Success" magazine. If you struggle to book 1 in 10, send me a private msg I promise we can fix it with a coaching call. (30 minute warm up, 60 minute blitz= 90 mins)

4. Check into our Dazzling Dvias FB page - we are using this page daily to post info from the home office, ideas, challenges, successes, welcome to new stylists, kudos, etc.. this is an open forum so PLEASE post whenever you'd like! Please be sure to invite your new stylists to our FB page.

TOTAL TIME>> 2 hrs a week. Focus is training & booking.


***If you have 1 trunk show on your calendar that week***:

Points 1, 2, and 3 from above are the same -

4. Trunk Show (3 hours total. 90 min to 2 hour show, drive time & entering orders) Focus on booking trunk shows AT trunk shows and soon you can eliminate the need to spend 1 hour a week on booking as you'll maximize your $$'s per hour by doing it AT the show. You can then spend that 1 hour a week on sponsoring if you choose to layer your income.

TOTAL TIME>> 5 hrs a week. Focus is STILL training & booking.


There are also Conf Calls w/ Home Office on Booking each week- I highly recommend attending 1 a week until you get your calendar where you want it. Then, even when your calendar is super full, the Tips from the Top call will still help you IMMENSELY when you listen each week. I NEVER miss a call.


1. Listen to Danielle's "Words to Say" CD over & over in your car while driving to & from work, school, etc. As Danielle says, Michael Jordon always envisioned himself hitting 3 pointers before each game and Oprah always rehearsed the intro and welcome to her show even though she'd done thousands of them. That's what professionals do.

2. Review pages 24-34 in the "Stylist Guide to Success" Magazine on booking. (30 min)

3. Review the "Monthly Success Plan" & "Words to Say" found under SDU for the current month (30 min)


1. Booking from Scratch:

2. I am Having Trouble Booking Trunk Shows:

3. Best Tips on Booking:

Sarah Pearsall, Senior Director & Founding Leader

Believe in yourself! Believe in your abilities! Believe That "Impossible" really says "I'm Possible"!

Go for it, Divas! xo Sarah