Surviving in the Wild

If you wanna be a survivor, you're gunna have to make a fire

Making a fire.

  1. First thing to do is find some tinder (dried moss, wood shavings, or shredded plant fibers)
  2. Gather firewood
  3. Make a small nest around the tinder, such as dry leaves.
  4. Be sure to keep a small hole for the coals.
  5. Make a small bow using strong curved piece of wood and a shoelace or any other type of string.
  6. Next you will need to get a medium sized flat piece of wood and small straight stick that has a rounded end on it.
  7. Then find a rock with a flat side on it.
  8. Take everything you just got and put it near you so you can get it fast.
  9. Then grab the bow, the stick with the rounded end, the flat piece of wood, and the tinder.
  10. Make a loop in the rope and put the stick in it and put the rounded end on the board.
  11. Then put your foot on the board and the rock on the other end of the stick.
  12. Pull the bow back and fourth while pushing down on the rock with your other hand.
  13. Continue this until you can start to see a small ember for on the board.
  14. Place the ember in the tinder pile and start to blow on it slowly.
  15. You will start to see the tinder catch on fire and start to cover it with sticks and keep blowing on it softly.
  16. The fire will start up and then continue to put sticks on it to keep the fire going.