Somerville High School

Class of 2015 - Post Secondary Data

Background Data

The Somerville High School class of 2015 is a diverse class containing 279 students of which 160 are male and 119 are female. The class is 9% Asian, 6% Black, 12% Hispanic, 1% Multiracial, 1% Hawaiian Native/Other Pacific Islander, and 71% White. The district is comprised of students from Somerville Borough, as well as, nearby Branchburg Township.

Application Data

Class of 2015 made 1311 applications to colleges and universities across the United States. The average student made 7 applications and highest individual number of applications was 29. The five colleges with the highest number of applications were: Rutgers (83), Rowan (33), Penn State (31), University of Delaware (30), and Raritan Valley Community College (29).

The average GPA for students applying to post-secondary institutions was 88.93%. The average SAT score was 1148 (1600) and 26 for the ACT.

Our students like to apply early using Regular Decision (68%). We have coached them to apply early to increase chance of admittance. We have many students who utilized ED, EDII, and EA applications (22%).