Science & Social Studies

November 11 - November 15

"Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming." - John Wooden

Weighty Word of the Week

GULLIBLE- easily deceived

"The most important prayer in the world is just 2 words: Thank you." - Mother Eckhart

The Week in Review

Our learners this week learned how simple the life cycle can be when we participated in a demonstration about the carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle. We now understand that humans and all animals produce carbon dioxide, which the plants use, and they produce oxygen, which we use. The cycle always continues and cannot function without the other part! We are a vital part of life on this planet!

In Social Studies, our students are working with their teams to create great slogans, graphics, and presentations about their colony; Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Maryland.

On Deck: Science

This week we will learn about food webs and the role that the sun plays as well as producers, consumers, and decomposers. Each has a special role in the web and we will learn about what would happen if one of those components was removed.

On Deck: Social Studies

In Social Studies, we will continue to create our billboards which will sell our colony to other groups. Most groups have finished their rough drafts and will begin their final copies of their billboard before creating their presentation to share with the class.

OVERTIME... What is it? What's it for?

OVERTIME started last week for 5th grade, and it is an opportunity for your child to complete any overdue assignments. It will be held every Thursday from dismissal time to 4:30 pm.

How it works:

If your child does not turn in a given assignment on the day it is due, they will receive a "Memory Jogger." This is to be signed and returned with the completed assignment the next day. If the Memory Jogger is returned and the assignment is completed, your child will not receive an Overtime slip. If the Memory Jogger is not returned, and/or the assignment is not completed the next day, your child will receive an OVERTIME slip. Overtime is mandatory, and once received, is the expectation. If your child brings back the assignment before the day of Overtime, their attendance at OVERTIME is still required.

We hope to use this time to give students a place to finish those late assignments, and encourage you to talk to your child about the importance of turning work in on time to be able to avoid Overtime altogether.


A big thank you to all that have donated items from the wishlist or books to my class. The book fair this last week was a great chance for the students to show their love for reading and grab some new books, but it was also a chance to add some new reading options to my library. Thank you to every student and parent that donated to my library. I really appreciate that!

Class Wish List

Please consider donating to our learning experience. This week's Items of the Week are Keleenex (again) and thin dry erase markers.

You can also view the TeacherWishlist that has been created for our classroom.


The aquarium in C105 is a lively place these days. As the temperature gets cooler outside, the heater kicks on and maintains the water temperature at a nice 76˚F. We have one less fish as a member of the Ops Crew is no longer with us. The Ghost Catfish are proving not to be as hardy as advertised, and the newest development is now one member of the Ops Crew is now missing a chunk out of his belly.

The prime suspect at this point is Nyx. Nyx is never seen bothering others and sticks largely to himself, but he is the only fish in the tank that is large enough to take a bite out of another fish. My opinion is Nyx needs a friend in the tank, and that is something that will be worked on over the next few months.

Apollo and Flick are still buddy-buddy. Although, I'm not sure I can call it buddy-buddy because I'm unsure of Apollo's true feelings toward Flick. Flick follows Apollo's every movement, and I can only imagine how Apollo feels.

Nathan Harvey

5E / C105

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Monday - Friday 2:10-2:55

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