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The Train is on The Run

Train Run

A train was running at a pace of 10 miles per hours. It was running for 6 hours then it stop to drop people of.

The Graph Part


This graph is showing that every hour the train goes ten miles. So, that is why the green plots are there, to help you see every hour and every ten miles.
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The Variables

The Independent Variable

The independent variable is the time. Now, an independent variable is the variable that doesn't need the other variable to find it's value.

The Dependent Variable

The dependent variable is the variable that DOES depend on the independent variable. The dependent variable is the distance.


Constant is the one thing that doesn't change. In this, it's the 10mph





So, T x 10 = D!!!


You know everything that you need to make one smore like this!! Go ahead and try!! Thanks for reading!!

Thanks For Reading!!