Digital Etiquette

how can you be safe online?

How can you be safe?

If you want to be safe on the internet follow these steps

-Think before you post

-Dont share personal stuff

-Know the people you are sharing it with

-Be aware of your privacy settings

Think before you post

If you have a silly picture consider that it might stay in cyberspace forever before you post.

Know the people you are sharing with

Consider the audience before you post. Is there information about you in your post that you dont want them to know?

Dont share personal information

Don't share information such as phone nummber and email adress that can make the wrong people track you. This also applies if you share a photo in school uniform - do you want all people to know you are to be found at Shenton?

Be aware of your privacy settings

Social media typically have settings for you to choose your privacy level when posting and sharing information. This way you can ensure your own safety.