Help Sydney Claire Briley

MES Ambassador caramel apple sucker sale March 14 & 21, 2014

Fund raiser for Sydney Claire Briley from Mrs. Kay Seale's kindergarten classroom-$1.00 each for suckers

We are trying to sell these suckers to help Sydney Claire's family go to London, England to learn more about AADC (Aromatic L Amino Acid Decarboxylase Deficiency) Approximately 100 children in more than 30 countries are currently affected by AADC. Children affected by this genetically inherited neurotransmitter brain disease have a complex mix of symptoms including:

*breathing difficulties

*muscle control disorders causing floppiness or rigidity

*eyes deviate upwards, sometimes remaining in a fixed gaze for several hours

*feeding difficulties


The life expectancy of a child are currently diagnosed amid symptoms vary greatly. We do know AADC has already cost children their lives.

Sydney's parents have the opportunity to go to London to attend a conference in hopes of her acceptance in the Maraca Gene Therapy Trial. If accepted, Sydney would receive treatment that has enabled other children with AADC to sit alone, and even walk. By attending, they will also learn more about how to help Sydney on a daily basis.

The MES Ambassadors will be going room to room selling suckers. Don't forget to bring your $1.00! They are trying to raise enough money Sydney's parents can go to London and learn more about AADC. MES Ambassadors are helping as much as they can! So, tell your kids or parents\guardian to bring $1.00 on March 14th and 21st. The MES Ambassadors will come room to room on March 13th and 20th to remind kids to bring $1.00 the next day. In conclusion, please let's SYNERGIZE and make this a great fundraiser to help this family.