Retail??? It's the Worst!

Seven Reasons Working in Retail is Hell in Real Life

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1. This Doesn't Go Here!!!!

When customers like to leave things in the wrong spot because they don't want it. Why? This means I must walk to the other end of the store to put it back when I could be doing important things! Oh, how much I hate lazy people!!

Punishment: I just won't help you with a smile or a real one.

2. There's a Trash Can Right There!!!

All the trash that I find hidden between the products and even just tossed on the floor. I wouldn't be surprised that less than half of the trash ends up in the trash can. Can you not be decent human beings!!

Punishment: I'll just eat all the samples before you can even get them. Ha!

3. Can You Not Control Your Children???

When parents let their children scream and raise hell up in down the aisles. This is why I don't want children.

Punishment: I'll just yell at your children for you.

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4. "I'd Like To Speak To The Manager."

When asked a question and your answer does not suffice so they must speak with the manager! Okay...I do work here. Oh, you're upset and now you must speak with the manager? Okay, I don't know what pissed you off, but now it's pissing me off.

Punishment: I'll just let you deal with the wrath of my manager.

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5. Dude, Can You Stop Staring?

Those creepy old guys or just creepy guys in general who try to talk to you for an hour or stare at you.

Punishment: I'll stick my big brother who also works here on you.

6. "Do You Work Here?"

In my head: "NO! I just wear this name tag, vest and have this ear piece in my ear."

What I really say: "Yes" but in a really sarcastic tone.

Punishment: I'll respond to you like you're really stupid because you are.


When a customer comes in at 8:25 when we close at 8:30 and proceeds to slowing walk around the store like we aren't about to be closed in 5 minutes. Or when a customer calls in asking if they can come shop when they're only 2 minutes aways when we're already closed.

Punishment: Follow you around fixing every single thing you pick up.

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