Leader of WWI

George Clemenceau

He led a strong army through the war and had good tactics to counter their enemies. He was seen as a realist and watched out for his country. He believed the war was inevitable. George led peace talks at the Versailles Palace. He firmly believed that if he stopped Germany then he would end the war (historylearningsite.co.uk). Immediately after becoming prime minister in 1906 George has his opponent Joseph Caillaux arrested and charged with treason. He was a strong, energetic, and positive leader who was key to the allied victory of 1918 (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georges_Clemenceau). He was able to persuade Germany to agree to a peace treaty which showed that he was a persistent leader who didn't give up on his country. Germany was the biggest threat in the war and for George to take on Germany and make peace with them showed intelligence and bravery (history.com)