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Why Do I Need Diabetic Shoes?

Patients with diabetes are at increased risk for foot complications, including infections and ulcers. Many patients with diabetes have poor circulation and decreased sensation in the feet, which increases the chance of injury or infection. If not controlled, these infections can lead to amputation of either a toe or the foot.

Diabetic shoes are different than regular shoes. They have more room for your toes. They have fewer seams. They come with inserts custom molded to in impression of your foot. All of these features help prevent rubbing or chafing which can lead to skin breakdown and ulcer formation.

Todays diabetic shoes come in wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes. We carry brands such as Aetres, Acor, Mt.Emey and Orthofeet. Since these are customized to the patients foot, they are available in a wide range of sizes and widths.

Foot Care Tips

  • Check both feet daily, including between toes. Due to decreased sensation in patients with diabetes, you may not feel blisters or injuries immediately.

  • Wash feet daily with warm water - not hot. Test the temperature with your hands not your feet to avoid burns. Avoid soaking too long, and dry your feet right away

  • Make sure your shoes fit well. Even a slight rubbing or misfit shoe can cause a blister that turns into a sore and may become infected.

  • Always wear shoes or slippers. And always wear socks with your shoes. Avoid nylon or thin socks that do not provide enough protection for the feet.

  • Tell your doctor about any changes in your feet. If you notice pain, tingling, or numbness be sure to discuss with your doctor

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