The U.K.'s Scotland

By Dylan Young, P2

Scotland On the Map

Scotland borders England, and the North Sea.You can find it on the map at approximately 5 west and 55 north.The Capital of Scotland is Edinburgh.

The Scottish National Flag

Scotland's flag resembles the cross that Saint Andrew,a Apostle who was crucified in Greece on a similar X-shaped cross. The flag bears blue for certain aspects,such as a belief of stronger durability.

Scotland's Leaders and the National Flag

National Landmarks and Landforms


Scotland holds the largest mountain in the U.K. , Ben nevis.Scotland also holds the famous Loch Ness and HMY Britannia, and Stirling Castle.

Government, Citizen Rights and economy in Scotland

-Because Scotland is apart of the U.K. they follow Monarchy. They still are allowed Market economy and all the things we have in the U.S. Currently they are a rich nation with a GDP of $245.267 billion in US dollars , but since they use pounds it increases that GDP by a lot.They export mainly food from there farms, Uranium from the north and coal from the south.
The average life expectancy in Scotland is 72 years old. The birth rate is estimated to be 11 births for every 1000 people,the population is around 5.2 million,so that means the birth rate is estimated to be around 5,000,000. They tend to get most of there water from the many rainstorms they have.
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They still follow there traditional clothing and where plad and other original clothing's. Like many other countries they speak mostly english.They celebrate holidays like Christmas , Halloween and other english holidays excluding American based holidays like July 4th,and Columbus day.Most of the population are Catholic, some of the most popular foods are Salmon, Haggis, and Neeps.
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Scotland is famous for there quilts, accents and rain.The average yearly rainfall is at about 4577 mm, and the average temperature is 19 degrees!With all the rain they get it is no wonder why they get most of there water from it and why the grass is so green!


The Scottish were heavily involved with 2 wars during the Dark Ages.The first war being the,First war for Scottish independence from Britain Through 1296-1328, the great William Wallace led the Scots later in the war along with others against Edward I and the II. The Second war was soon after and ended with a treaty.
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William Wallace ||||||||||||||


Scotland is alot like America but also has some different holidays and they wear different things.




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