The Frozen Tundra!

By: Candace Day

The Tundra is a beautiful barren land! Read on to learn more

Plants and Animals of the Tundra

To start out the Tundra is a region in the article circle that is very cold all year and is covered in blankets of snow and ice! Not many plants can survive there,but the ones who do are adapt to the constant cold. And did you know the word Tundra means treeless! Snow flowers, bear berry bushes and arctic moss all abide in this snow bound region. But don't forget about the animals. They live there too, like polar bears and Caribous. And did you know that the snow-rabbits fur changes color to blend in with the snow! The tundra has 400 different types of snow flowers but only 48 different kinds of animals!

Climate in the Tundra

The tundra's temperature doesn't change a lot during the year, it's in high altitude so it stay's pretty cold there in the arctic circle. Its cold at the top of the world, but to be exact the temperature range is 16 degrees to 45 degrees Fahrenheit! The humidity levels are unusually low, so it's a dry place. I wouldn't want to go there without chapstick. And only 10 inches of rain falls a year. I couldn't survive in that cold of a climate!
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