How Smart Are You With Your Phone?

Digital Distractions

Your Phone Could Ruin Your Life

The percentage of phone-related accidents is on the rise with not just kids but adults too. Your smartphone is a digital distraction, it constantly has your attention rather than your homework or your chores. Our phones our causing us to be a less-smart generation. Kids are walking out in busy streets,into telephone poles and of the edge of bridges.

Do You Think That Digital Distraction Is a Big Issue For Learners Today?


Yes, I think that digital distraction is a big issue for learners today. One example that i have experienced is my friend was distracted on her phone, she started to walk down the stairs and fell all the way down! There have also been deadly accidents. According to the text teenagers are so distracted they don't notice on coming cars. "Christina Morris-Ward stepped into a crosswalk (while using her phone) and she was struck by a car and later died." Also according to the text "The number of these types of phone related accidents is on the rise." Our phones are distracting us to much and something needs to happen.

Alyssa Torix

3rd hour reading

How Will This Article Change My Cell Phone Usage?

This article may not change your cell phone usage, but it is a warning. I may not have to be concerned about the information in this article right now, but as people start driving and hit people as they are distracted by their phones, they kill teenagers and children. Our phones prevent us from being bored and when we're bored is when we come up with our greatest ideas. Technology is always making people panic, and this is why, technology is ruining our lives, even taking them.