Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

By Logan



Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was born in 1510 in Salamanca, Spain. He was also said to be one of the younger kids in his family. When he was 25 he moved to a place called New Spain(which is now called Mexico).He was also a Spanish leader that believes in the Seven Cities of Cibola which the Native peoples of new Spain told them about. They said there were seven cities filled with gold and gems and riches. And Coronado and his men believed it so they went on an expedition to find the seven cities.

The Seven Cities of Cibola

In 1539, Cabeza de Vaca went out north to find the seven cities of gold. When he came back 5 months later he told the people of new Spain that the Seven Cities of gold were REAL! After that Mendoza chose Vasquez de Coronado to lead the expedition. Coronado and his men set off to explore on February 23, 1540, on the trip they went through deserts and mountains and even went through rivers with alligators. Coronado sent out ahead of his group and talked to the natives about the cities. They said there was not a single city nearby. Coronado and his group were really traveling to Zuni Pueblo town of Hawikuh, located in what would become New Mexico.


Even though there were no seven cities of gold they were the first people to spot the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. Him and his Crew traveled all the way from Mexico to what is now called Kansas. Coronado came back to “New Spain” and died on September 22, 1554,in Mexico City, Mexico.

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