looking to fly into your heart

max coleman

about me

The name is donkey, Dominic the donkey. I will use my fur to keep you warm. I will use all four legs to get to you. Even though I am warm-blooded on the inside doesn't mean i'm ugly on the outside, I am as drop-dead gorgeous as it gets. If you feel as if you will need to wait for me to be ready in a relationship you won't need to feel that way because after all, i do give live birth. And that is a little bit about me.

my special lady

There is a couple of things that I like to see in a babe. First, I want a chick, literally. Second, I dig the feathers and the wings, their both fly'in up my alley. Next, I want a babe with exactly two legs to meet me wherever I am. Finally, I want someone that is warm-blooded to match my kind of hotness. That is what I want to see in my special lady.