Inez prosser

born in yoakun, texas december 30, 1895, died in 1934


Oldest daughter of elven children

Father:Samuel Andrew

Mother:Veola (hamilton) Beverly

Background and Education of Inez

Valedictorian of her class in both high school and college.

In 1912 she graduated from yoakum colored high school

At the time of her youth, there were few educational opportunities for African-Americans

She was a critical voice for the african-american community at the time where woman academics were scarce.

Focused on educational psychology and the effects of racism

Contribution to Psychology

first african-american woman to receive a ph.d in psychology in the united states

She created the non-academic development of negro children in mixed or segregated schools

Teacher, administrator, eduacational psychologist, and academic leader

Died due to an automobile accident near schreveport, louisiana