Art Reflection

By: Faith Mingus

About Me

I'm Faith Mingus, I enjoy sleeping, watching TV, and of course doing art. I have been in art for a few years now, I really enjoy it. It helps me show my personality and what I feel inside. I have taken different classes like, into to art, right now I'm in 3rd art and next semester I will be in 2d. I'm more excited for 2d art because I think that the painting will be more fun.

How It Affected Me

I've learned that I underestimate myself sometimes. I think that if I try really hard that sometimes I can be artistic and make pretty pieces. I think that this would help me in life to because I would know when I try my hardest and put my mind to it that I can do anything I put my mind to. I think something that really influenced my artwork would have to be things that I have seen. Looking at others artwork has really influenced my artwork I think because it gives me ideas and then I add my own twist to it.

My Artwork

My artwork varies depending on what the project is. I think that I have different styles. I like different things when it comes to clay I like to do things that you can use. I like painting stuff like animals or real life things but I also like designs like zentagle. My favorite art materials are oil pastels. I like the way they blend and the way that they look. I think once you blend them they make pretty natural colors. I try to do artwork that is useful. My favorite project this year was wheel throwing. One of my pots that turned out I am using as a Christmas gift. I melted a candle and then dumped the wax into the pot and put a wick in it and let it harden. I really liked the way it turned out because I think that it looks really rustic and homemade.