Jesus Sanchez


Puerto Rico

I was born in Puerto Rico and attended school there for 16 years, I moved to the US back in October of 2013 and ever since I've been living in Oviedo, Florida. An interesting fact would be that I was raised speaking Spanish and English and can fluently speak both. I took Italian in high school for three years and I feel confident enough to share some words in Italian.
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Passion For History

My name is Jesus Sanchez, and straight off the bat one of my most favorite subjects has to be history. I absolutely love learning about the past, studying geography and the diverse people that make up different countries. My interest for history grew much more once I got into gaming.
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I have played video games ever since I can remember. I love all the possibilities when it comes into gaming. They can be an escape from all your problems in real life and distract you for a little bit. You can play games at a competitive level and treat it as a sport to show off who's better than who. Some games you can learn from them, especially games about history. Games like these fueled my desire to learn even more about history. I play a large variety of games and if you ask me about a game I'm pretty sure I've heard it or have played it. I've also taking the liking to programming, and with that the ability to create my own games and my own software.


Once I learned the basics of programming in high school I can't let it go. From making a simple Hello World or creating a calculator. I've yet to create anything big but I plan to take my experiences and develop a game that will suit my liking and I'll be able to fix common mistakes across all other games and perfect it. Along with the possibility of making games, I also plan to create applications useful not only to me but other people. This also correlates with what I plan to major in: computer engineering.

Computer Engineering

I have dealt with computers for the longest time, and during college I plan to take that experience and use it to develop applications that will be useful and make an impact to society. I want to lend my skills for others' benefit and the improvement of society. I would also like to enjoy for myself any skills I learn from computer engineering and create any software I can find useful for me. Plus, being an avid gamer, I could also help boost the gaming community and create games for my enjoyment.
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I chose to apply to EXCEL to facilitate my experience with math. I would like to take any opportunity available to make learning math as smooth as possible to transition my time into other classes. Math is not my favorite subject but I do enjoy solving problems, mainly programming problems. But math plays a major role in creating logarithms or, for example, dealing with projectiles and using math equations to calculate velocity. I think thanks to EXCEL I will most definitely have more resources to access to help me during my math studies. I can seek out other students in EXCEL for help or event he GTA's themselves and knowing I have all these possibilities available puts my mind at ease when it comes to math.