1P Newsletter

Term 2

Week 4

This week:

  • Monday - our next coding lesson, PBL lesson about coming to and from school safely, especially a reminder on how to cross safely at the traffic lights, the whole school assembly under the COLA at 2:30

  • Tuesday - scripture/ethics, no sport until Tuesday 31 May, when we will be learning basketball skills

  • Wednesday - buddy class activity

  • Thursday - library

  • Friday - sport, homework to be returned

In maths the children will be revising the concept that when the same number is added again and again it is called repeated addition, but that it is so much faster to use multiplication. The concept of sharing - division will be introduced. In writing we will be self-assessing to see in what ways our writing can improve. Topic talks will be evaluated to see how they can be improved before the Stage 1 'talk off'. We will also be introduced to impromptu speeches and the skills needed to be a successful public speaker.

Last week:

A huge thank you to Wendy, James' grandmother, who took photos of the athletics carnival.

Our science topic is 'Water Works'. The children enjoyed using the iPads to photograph sources of water around the school. They are now in the process of learning how to use the iMovie application to create short videos, with photos, sound and titles. We will soon include them in Seesaw.

Regards, Kerrie