Iraq war, Weapons of War

Chris Baum

Iraq War

The Persian Gulf War of 1991 was the first major "digitallly-assisted" conflict of the modern age.The War was about oil as Iraq invade the small,oil-rich Gulf nation of kuwait.Saddam Hussein of Iraq controlled roughly 24 percent of the World's supply and World assumption of the time assumed oil rich.

B-52 Stratosfortress and B-2 spirt

B-52 was used to deliver bomb loads during the opening phases of the war against Iraq.B-2 spirit is a stealth bomber that provides the service with flexibility and high degree of effectiveness.

Super bomb BLU-82 or Daisy Cutter

One super bomb BLU-82, or Daisy Cutter,which was used in the war in Afghanistan against the Taliban.It weighing 15,000 pounds, the bomb is so large that it has to be dropped from a cargo plane.Until Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Daisy Cutter was the largest nonnuclear bomb on the planet. It is twelve feet long and about four and a half feet in diameter.It has 12,600 pounds of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder that, when when detonated,creates a uniquely unnerving explosion because it is so loud.

The Apache

Newer,faster,and more advanced than the Cobra,the Apache AH-64 attack helicopter is possibly the most feared helicopter in the world.Sometimes described as a "flying tank",the Apache helicopter is designed to survive heavy attack and still inflict massive damage to enemy forces.Indeed,the Apache can fly for thirty minutes after losing its oil,enough time to finish its mission and fly to safety.The Apache has two engines and a top speed of 192 miles per hour. It is operated by a crew of two,the pilot sits in the rear of the cockpit,while the copilot/gunner,or weapons operator,sits in the front seat.
Apache Helicopter Take Off