French Immigrants

How the French immigrants came to U.S.

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Why the came to United States: To find a way to the pacific ocean and to make his colony more successful.

How they got here: The french immigrants came by boat

Where the group settled: Beaufort, SC and Jacksonville, FL
Jobs the group typically found: Whatever they could found.

How many members of their group came to the United States: At first only 1 member came to explore but later on 63000 members came.

Contributions the group made to the United States and its culture: French Americans was the group that made United states. The culture was there fashion, art, literature and the cuisine.

Influence the group had on their homelands as a result of is migration: Well basically there people from their homeland thought they were crazy. The Frenches were making a big trip and some of their people were afraid of what will happen to them.

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Over 63000 french immigrants arrive in United states between 1847 and 1851.

In 1550 Jean Ribaut established two of French first colonies.

Most french immigrants came by them self or with family to find better opportunities .

The majority of French immigrants to the United States have been Roman Catholic.

Americans of French ancestry began to influence politics in the United States during colonial times.

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