Lord of the rings:TFOTR

By J.R.R TOLKIEN do not buy this book

The Lord of the rings series has a made a huge amount of fans through it's movie, but the book is not worth reading

This is only the second book in the series and already filled with unfascinating stories , and not a book a librarian would want in a school library. The vocabulary in this book is not fit for students, and the plot will bore anyone who reads the book. Adding this book to our library will only put bad book reviews.

The second book

The Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring, is the first part of the series divided into two books. The first book was the introduction to the story and fascinating, and was open ended, leaving the faith of the main character Frodo to the left in the second book (242). But as much as the first book was overwhelming, the second book was mundane and tedious. The plot was too repetitive and too slow, it would be better if a school book was faster paced so student could be quick readers. We want our books to be ones that people would enjoy. For example it took from page 268 to page 304 just for the protagonists to make one decision, this process should have been shortened to only a few pages. another example of what happens in the book can be found on page 286 " All sat silent for a while, until at last Boromir spoke"

The vocabulary

Besides the boring plot, the book also has no useful vocabulary. There are few to no new words that the students will come by unless they are made up and not real words. The main problem with these words are that they are too many of them and will confuse the reader. For example on page 274 I found 12 of these words.

The characters

The vocab and the plot aren't the only thing that should keep you from buying this book. All the main characters of the story were introduced during the first book, leaving the side characters to make a show in this one. Doing this pushed the story away from the protagonists and the story became irrelevant. The students would want to hear more from the main characters they read about in the first book, not boring side characters.
Some may say that the movie was very good, how could the book be bad? Well the movie does not include any of the slow paced action or any boring plot and is filled with scenes the viewer would enjoy. And all the description of the setting that can take pages to describe can be seen visually and captured in few second. Our school library is not putting the movie on the shelf, and they should not put the book on the shelf either.

In conclusion

This book is a waste of money will give no benefits any students who read it, whether they want to learn a few words, learn something or want to be entertained. Adding this book will only add book reviews with low ratings, which will decrease the library's reputation; which I am sure you would not want.
The book

If you would like to read this book for yourself, click here


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