Monday Memo

AAA News You Can Use-December 14

Feliz Navidad! Join us for a Holiday Fiesta!

Faculty and Staff Holiday Dinner

December 15

6:00-9:00 pm

Huntsville Jaycee Building

2180 Airport Road 35801

Mexican Buffet and Seasonal Desserts

RSVP to Traci ($10 per person)

Common Planning Times

We will focus on RtI during our Common Planning times this week.

Kindergarten-Tuesday 9:55

First-Wednesday 11:50

Second-Wednesday 12:20

Third-Wednesday 1:20

Fourth-Thursday 10:30

Fifth-Thursday 11:20

Sixth-Monday 3:30*

Seventh/Eighth-Wednesday 3:30*

*We need to be all together to make some magnet decisions and this will take more than a period allows.

This Week at a Glance


  • Budget Meeting 7:15
  • SchoolNet Testing


  • Leadership Team meeting 7:15
  • SchoolNet Testing
  • PreK Meeting in auditorium at 12:30
  • Faculty Party


  • Make up SchoolNet Testing
  • Kindergarten to Burritt
  • Stars and Clowns Tour


  • SchoolNet Testing begins with MS Science (We will have an ALL day.)
  • ACT Night at Lee


  • Christmas parties
  • Stars and Clowns performance

Schedule for Next Week for Middle School

M-Th will be ALL days for middle school due to School Net testing, make ups, and Algebra exam.

Friday will be Homeroom all day.

  • Use Friday to provide a study hall/make up work time for those that need it. Check iNow in the morning so make up work can be completed
  • Play games/activities that students will enjoy and help them to get to know each other. Student should not be in the halls, playing on computers, or watching movies all day. This is a great opportunity to do some "bonding" with students.
  • Federico's sub will assist with Bennett/Frevert homerooms
  • Arts Teachers will provide an activity for each homeroom....more info to come

Stars and Clowns School Performance Friday, December 18

8:30-9:30 Grades 6-8

10:30-11:30 Grades 3-5

1:00-2:00 Grades PreK-2

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December 18-Connie Parker

December 24-Glenda Stone

December 31-Tonya Robinson

January 1-Emily Stoddard

January 2-Debbie Fleishman

January 3-Michelle Draper

January 4-Cynthia Baker

Dismissal Duty for this Week


Walk Ups

Federico, Graham


Snodgrass, Bennett, Brigman



(This teacher should check cafeteria each day for students that need supervision until their after school activity begins. A teacher will arrive to get them by 3:15. We have not had may after school events but they have started up-math team, robotics, rehearsals, etc)

STAR Progress Monitoring this week: no STAR testing this week

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Don' Forget!

  • Please monitor your students during lunch and make sure they clean up before leaving. It is also important to arrive and leave on time.
  • Add Evidence to your PLP. You can go back and put in information from equity PD in September and October. The instructional rounds/learning walks may provide evidence for improving your practice. Check your indicators...
  • If you misplace your key card, please alert the office so we can have it deactivated. When you find it, it can easily be reactivated.