Diabetis Type 1

Ty & Liyah


When your body has problems with a hormone called insulin. (Autosomal Dominate)

What does it do?

It can effect the human body because, if the sugars stay in the blood to long it can effect the liver.


Blurry Vision


weight loss

frequent urination

high blood pressure

increase of thirst and hunger

Infections in the gum, skin. and bladder

Scrapes and bruises heal slower

Tinglings and numbness in the limbs

Who does it affect?

It s most common in afican americans, hispanics, native americans & asians.


Take insulin regularly & choose the,  right foods & get plenty of exersise. So far there will be no cure of type one Diabetes also there is no treatment until we have prevention.

interesting Facts

~1. Type one Diabetis previously called juvenile Diabetis or insulin - Dependent diabetis, represents 10% of all Diagnosed cases of type one diabetes. ~2. Children, teens and young adults are more likely to be diegnosed with type one diabetis.