Permaculture Class


Cucumber Overabundance and Refrigerator Pickles

When the garden (or farmers' market) is full of fresh seasonal permaculture class cucumbers, consider this simple and savory recipe to enjoy the bounty - refrigerator pickles. These are not canned, they are fermented to increase their nutrient content and palatability and to give them their lovely flavor. Summertime fermentation goes so fast, that these pickles can be done as quick as in two days!

Wash and slice large cucumbers, and trim their blossom end - it is known to comprise some ingredient that makes for less crunchy pickles. Add non chlorinated water, and non-iodized salt - about 1 Table spoon per quart. Mustard seed and peppercorns add to the flavor also. Place cucumber rounds in the well combined brine, ensure they're all covered with brine. Possible place a small plate over them to keep them submerged.

Allow the mixture sit for 1-2 days on your kitchen counter, at room temperature, and then start tasting the cucumbers. While it could take 5-7 days in cooler climates to finish fermentation procedure, in the Southwest things go considerably faster and 2-3 days is generally all what it requires to produce tasty fermented pickles. When in doubt some froth and white coat on your cucumbers or brine is normal, but if the mix doesn't smell delicious and wholesome, discard it.