The Watauga River Basin

Created By: Kennedy Welch and Elva Rodriguez

About the River

The Watauga River is found in Tennessee, it starts in the Beaverdam Creek and ends in Boone Creek. It is 205 miles long and in the year 2000 23,676 people (in North Carolina) lived in the Watauga River Basin. The river itself runs through Pisgah National Forest, Blue Ridge Parkway, Elk Knob Game Land, Grandfather Mountain State Park, and Foscoe. It's Non-point pollution sources include extensive farming and construction. The melting snow or rain can carry loose sediments and debrief into to the river. A solution would consist of blocking off the parts of the river that the run-off (from farming and construction) runs to. It's Point pollution sources include thermal pollution and broken pipes that might be hidden in the river. Something being done to fix these problems is the cooling and filtering of the water before it enters the river. Also constant monitoring of the pipes/pollution rates in the river.
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