Room 113 News May 9th

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In PE, our class will begin swimming this week. Please visit the PE blog for more information. The link can be found on the right hand side of this page.

A quick reminder that Thursday 12 and Friday 13 are Out-of-Uniform / character dress up days! Students may show up in costume. Students may come to school dressed as their favourite literary character. Remember that costumes must be related to book characters!

Wednesday June 1st is our class music sharing @ 1:25pm. Please look for sign up sheets in take home folders this week. More information is available on the music blog, which can be found on the right hand side of this page.


We are studying the genre of Folklore. First, students were immersed in various kinds and discussed identifying attributes of each. Next, our class will use folklore to practice dramatizing our favorite parts. We have revisited our work from earlier in the year around emotions. Students were introduced to the idea that emotions have various levels and clues in our books can tell us how intense a character's feeling are.

Also, our class has been focusing on working with one another and what strong partnerships look and sound like. Our class expectation for partner work has increased as the year has progressed. This has presented challenges and opportunities for new learning.

For many students, this unit of study has been so valuable because our ability to read and comprehend has increased so much this year; we are now seeing classic stories in new light and understanding them more deeply!

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Our work in writing has shifted from Literary Non-fiction to Fairy Tales. This is an outstanding opportunity for students to connect reading and writing. We have been reading fairy tales and many adaptations as ground work for adaptations we will write! Students were asked to share their preliminary plan with you last week. Our class will begin to write our versions of classics this week. Be on the look out for some hilarious takes on classic fairy tales.


We spent several weeks collecting and organizing data as part of our study of graphing and data organization. Students experimented with the various types and applied critical thinking skills when choosing which type of display is best suited for various data sets. See the chart above.

Last week, we shifted our focus to money. We practiced counting money, making change, and practicing creating the same amounts with different combinations of coins and bills. We also applied what we know about adding and subtracting to money.

In the coming week, our class will start learning about and practicing our measurement skills.

Social Studies

Students will regroup across the grade level each morning this week to study an endangered animal he/she is passionate about. Students will work together to collect information about what makes the animal unique,